2 watts per person

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.45.02 PM.png

If you have a band and you are playing in front of 700 people then you require 1,400 watts of PA power. The rule of thumb is 2 watts per person. This is what Michael from the "soon to rule the world band" ENDORPHINS taught me last night.....the adventure continues...

End Of An Era

March 5, 2014

Here marks the end of an era. Tuesday night open mic with Augy G at the Wolf and Firkin drew to a close on Tuesday February 18, 2014 after ten years of sharing, mentoring and entertaining and being entertained. It sure went out with a bang, not a whimper! A huge turnout of fans, friends and jammers got together for the grand finale. Jason Kirow, Lyndsie Whalen, Paul Fanone, The Dead Pixels, Corey, Pablo Mandy, Juli, Chris Li, Flights Falls, Jonny, Christopher Hollow, Brad, Tim and Norman Paprakis were just few of many who contributed to the atmosphere of the evening. The Pixel Gang was there in full force.



The piece de resistance occurred when Jason Kirow & Lyndsie Whalen took to the stage and presented me with a brand new Martin acoustic guitar. The whole Pixel Gang generously contributed, and I appreciate this beyond words. Everytime I play this guitar (I’m thinking of naming her Pixella) memories of Tuesday nights with the Pixel Gang will come back. The case was signed by so many great friends. Thanks so much for your good thoughts and kind words. It means the world to me to know how much our Tuesday nights meant to everyone. With every door that closes, however , another one opens and hopefully we will find another home to make our particular brand of magic! 


Below are pictures of the guitar and the signed case. Cheers!












Another Tribute to Stompin' Tom



Last night I made the trek to Peterborough to be part of the Celebration of Stompin' Tom Connors' life.

It was a great tribute made even more special by the fact that he himself was the architect of celebration.  Before the show started I noticed another Canadian celebrity, Tommy Hunter, signing autographs for any fans that approached him.  I was happy to see that he attended and even from a distance I could tell that he still respected his fans, but last night was all about the other Tom.

There were many solid performances, notably, Sylvia Tyson, Cindy Church and J.P. Cormier (great guitar playing), Damnait Doyle, not to mention an incredible vocal performance of I AM THE WIND  by Mark LaForme, the guitarist in Tom's band.

For me the most touching moment came from his son, Tom Jr., who looks exactly like his dad.  He spoke from the heart and gave us more insight into the man, who was his father. 

Tom was even there as his casket draped with the Canadian flag was rolled on to the stage and put to the side along with his trademark hat and acoustic guitar that had A PROUD CANADIAN on the headstock.

There are many reasons to love this guy whether it's his music , lyrics or lifestyle. For me it was a combination of all of the above. The main thing is that he was a true Canadian writing about every Canadian place and every Canadian person that he was interested in, so to you, Born in St. John, New Brunswick, raised in Skinner's Pond P.E.I., Stomping' Tom we salute you with the song "Tribute to Stompin' Tom", as performed by our band, Big Blue Bus, at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern in the early 90's


54 STEPS - “A martyr tune” – definition: a song to get the creative juices going. Lilly and I were in Janeville N.B. , recording and staying at the Trinity Union Church. 54 Steps was our first day “martyr” tune. Lilly counted her steps back to the church from oceanside morning coffee (54), wrote a lyric and a song was born. This sparked the writing of many songs, notably our “Pitch” song “Ancestor’s Table”. As I watch this I am liking the church reflection on the computer screen…brings back some great memories.


June 4, 2010

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 1.39.50 AM.png


I would like to introduce a new addition to our family. DUKE! Duke is a 5 year old Blue Tick Coon Hound that we've had for a little more than a day. When Lilly and I originally considered getting a dog, we were thinking along the lines of Golden Retriever or a Lab, then we met Duke. He is fitting in nicely with our lifestyle...the adventure continues....

Greetings From Thornhill

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 1.43.52 AM.png

April 2, 2010

I had a great time at the Britannia Pub & Grill this past weekend. I thank the very friendly waitresses, Kim & Melissa for energizing the room. I was also shocked when the famous Shane, Richard and Wendy showed up (pictured above)....the adventure continues...

I wish everyone a Happy Easter


Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

February 2, 2005

... Winter, spring, summer, or fall, All you have to do is

call And I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ve got a friend. ... 

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 10.38.41 PM.png


It was great having this crowd come in for my last set at the Wolf and Firkin. In the picture are people from Denmark, Norway and the UK. I included an audio post of them singing a chorus of "You've got a Friend". Bobby Hamilton also popped in to say hello....the adventure continues....

Ministry Of Labour

December 1, 2004

What does a grown man named Spanky, an Industrial Inspector named Nicole, a member of the Upper Canada Law Society, a born leader named Joel, a professional heckler from Copper Cliff named Tim, etc. do for fun? The answer is: They work at the Ministry Of Labour, and they know how to let loose. Last night Open Luigi (AugBlog in disguise) welcomed them with open arms. Eric showed up with the "Marg" gang, and did some jammin'. Thanks! Bob had yet another look. Joe, from Sault Ste Marie closed the place. Have a safe trip up north tomorrow. Wendy, Paul, and Brian performed as well. Next Tuesday I'm hoping for a full house. It's The Wolf & Firkin's Christmas Party. Bring your talent. Mike brought Doctor Adam in to get sung about and Alicia was filling in for Ashley behind the bar.....the adventure continues....

Artist formerly known as Herman

With Peter Noone

With Peter Noone

November 27, 2004

....great night last night at the Devil's Harp .....Full Story Soon...

Vance & Anna

Vance & Anna

....Vance Rocks the room....i get to jam with these fine lads....lots a pics....debbie lends me her phone while Vance is singing....a tale of 4 people...the monkees meet the drifters meet the noonatics....thankyou guys...full story soon...


November 19, 2004

Larry, Steve (THE BRIT from LA), Will, and Ali(THE BOSS from LA)

Larry, Steve (THE BRIT from LA), Will, and Ali(THE BOSS from LA)

Originally uploaded by AugTheBlog

Steve from St. Louis had to leave early, and I finally meet John the owner. That was Part One of the evening. Part 2 goes like this:

The Office - a docu-com from the BBC about office life was being shown on the many screens at Boston Pizza last night at the request of Larry, Steve (THE BRIT from LA), Will, and Ali(THE BOSS from LA). During my break they asked Marie, the bartender if they could watch some of their newly purchased DVD with English sub-titles (because the sound is off....later I'm singing in the background). No...this doesn't bruise my ego. I'm trying to interact by a random reading of some of the sub-titles on the mic. When the night is slow this can be fun. They also make some requests. This group at the bar were being very nice to me. Hey Steve...I hope you send me "California Lawyer Sandra's Blog"...I'll post a link to it on my blog. A young fellow named Chris was there with his "3 fans". He made some new fans when he played a few Tragically Hip and Neil Young Tunes. I thought that he was quite good. It was a pleasant evening. The night reminded me of stepping into someone's livingroom, passing a guitar around while watching a sitcom (the office) with old friends. I met some new friends last night...thanks....the adventure continues.....


November 17, 2004

Last night the very charismatic Judi and Michelle were sitting at a table to the left of me with 3 Medical Doctors from Siberia (Yuri, Marina and Irina). They arrived in Canada because they are on a mission to start a revolution of nursing in Siberia. Marini and Irini graced our presence by coming up to sing Russian songs about Mala Vodka (never ever enough vodka), and other folk stories from their homeland. After each song they would explain the meaning of what they just sang about. I thought they were tremendous. Michelle posed very child-like with my guitar in hand, and Judi offered some high notes on my Open Mic stage downstairs at The Wolves Den. They welcomed anyone who walked through the door with enthusiasm. Thanks! Chris came up again this week and played a few more originals. Corinne was also there to cheer him on, and he was well received. John, Mark, Lorna and Deb from England get a little crazy...(what was that song I sang about John??..I hope you guys comment. Marg and her group were there again last night. It was good to meet Peter, Peggy and Dave. Mike got the courage to get up and sing "One Tin Soldier". We even rehearsed it outside (kinda chilly...but worth it). His brother Cal took the photo of us on the stage.Thanks Dan from Sudbury, and the folks from Ottawa for participating. I almost forgot to mention that Frank, from Rochester was there...the adventure continues....




November 6, 2004

Mike the bartender served me a great glass of water at Spezzo last night. He called it AUG-WA (my vanity has no limit...lol). Mike assured me that anyone who asks him for an AUG-WA by name will get this beautiful drink........the adventure continues....

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 1.26.01 AM.png

Werewolves Of Niagara Falls

Louie The Werewolf

Louie The Werewolf

September 29, 2004

I had never played in Niagara Falls, and I had never performed on the 22nd floor of anything. The Sheraton Fallsview was a cool place to be on Thursday, October 28, 2004 cause I'm greeted with open arms by Diane and Mike (smooth voice) at the the elevator of the 22nd floor (did I mention we were on the 22nd floor??...lol). I have all of my equipment on the standard hotel dolly ready to be rolled down to the main entertainment room. I set up with my back to a large window which exposes the American and Canadian Falls. It's a striking view. The room has two levels, and there are nice couches around where I set up to play. It's kind of like a big livingroom and Kelly is making me feel at home. The function is a private one so I won't mention the company name (unless they want me to). Vladamir and Yolanda do some impromptu Polka dancing as I expose my Polka repertoire (a rare event). Now the other people start walking in and I am very impressed by the costumes. Louie, the werewolf stands out for me. I wanted a picture of him with my guitar. I thought this would be priceless (It is). Dr. Don wants to hear about Trader Vic's when I comment on Louie's costume so i sing "Werewolves of London"...in Niagara Falls. Charlie's Angels showed up, and there had to have been at least five witches. Look...there's Victoria. She's dressed like an African Queen. Lotto (spelling?) had a very cool Indian outfit on. There were prizes for costumes and wine tasting during my break. Mike (smooth) the MC did a great job. I am sure he is great at his job although I suggest a career in Broadcasting could be a consideration. The last hour was the best. Wendy began turning into a party animal and Eleni & Christina showed off their great dancing abilities during the Greek Song. Louie's wig was placed on more than a few heads of people who were coaxed on to the dance floor. Thanks Kelly for the invitation. Thanks Ellen for the rec. I salute the "Thundering Water" that is Niagara Falls and I head home...Aug The Blog has left the building.....the adventure continues....


September 8, 2004

...Shades of Legions...Rosies....and the return of BISCUIT....


Biscuit In Da House!!

Biscuit In Da House!!

Louis was singing Cat Stevens' "Father and Son". He's behind the fireplace with a small group of people. Instead of going into a song I let him finish then I begin the night with "Father and Son". A strange magic happens. They applaud and I feel welcome. Perhaps you had to have been there. Perhaps only I think this is magic since the people on the patio are hardly taking notice. That's why I get paid. I have an easy job and I never blame the audience if things aren't happening. It's my job....to make things happen. The girl sitting beside Louis comes over and pulls up a chair close to me. I don't remember her name but she wants to sing "Bobby McGee". Man, if Kris Kristofferson got paid everytime someone wanted to hone their Janis Joplin skills in a bar he'd be rich....okay he's already rich... but he'd be mucho rich (Lilly, I hope you don't mind my adjective stealin' ways). Louis wants to hear "Green Green Grass of Home". He's surprised that I know it. This sends me reeling into the past when I used to play Legions and bars like The Crossroads on Coxwell and Danforth. On any given weekend you might hear Lyle Gaitz, Ernie G, Peter Nelson (before he moved to Manitoulin), and you might even hear me there singing old country favourites, and wearing very tight pants...lol. When I take a break I go onto the Firehall patio and start talking with Teresa and Chris (the pharmacist lady). They dance during my next set. Actually the patio is quite busy. Liz was there and I just find out that Brian plays guitar. If I had of known this before he left I would have coaxed him a little. The night ended well, and I am always happy to show up at The Firehall in Bronte. I am about to tear down when Jay, the lead guitarist for Speed Orchid, asks if he could do some tunes. I advise him to ask management if it's okay. It's okay. He's very good. His band plays around town so check him out some time. While he's playing someone says hello. I turn and see him....It's a blast from the past when I used to play Rosie McGee's in Oakville. I loved that place. It's Biscuit. Biscuit's a cool guy and we talk while Jay sings...sorry Jay...He owns Caz's Great Fish on Yonge St. just north of Lawrence . I don't mind giving him a plug. He was always great to me. Good Luck Biscuit (ya coulda been a rapper...yo...).....the adventure continues.....

Ray Of Light Shines On Hollywoodbridge

September 6, 2004

Hi Tanya...Oh My God....There are less than 5 people here tonight...."It'll Fill up around 10 " . Tanya's optimism always helps the vision of a good night reveal itself as a possibility. Okay.....I order my pasta dish ....cooked to perfection by AHHHHLLLEEEEE!!!! the cook. There's Ray at the bar. I didn't even see him come in. Everyone knows Ray. He's a great musician/writer/sing....hold on Ray ...there are too many slashes in your name. Ray is one of the better songwriters around. One day his talent will extend past these chosen walls of Woodbridge. Alex and Justin were there again They are Bonafyde fans. Here comes Christian with shorter dreads. He's giving me the finger (non-threateningly). Was it something I said? Dean and Brian came to play darts and to visit Tanya. Dean is very intense this evening. It's possibly because I haven't learned "Shameless" yet. Everyone's just hanging out. I played a couple of sets and near the end of the night Ray played one of his originals, then he passed the guitar back to me. Later he came up and did a few covers. A crowd started forming around him as he played and sang. Mike came in with some people from France (Fabien and Sophie). Fabien went up and sang harmonies with Ray. 


Ray Of Light Shines On Hollywoodbridge 
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The night ended with Mike coming up to sing a roaring version of "New Orleans Is Sinking". I like playing guitar behind him. He has a very powerful voice. When I speak about people from Woodbridge I always find myself wanting to give a lot of compliments. The truth is that there is serious talent there. I am humbled weekly at the Moose. Well there you go... Apparently Jay and Tanya will be reading this (Dave, Jay's friend didn't want to be mentioned)....by the way I appreciate the kind emails from the the folks from Detroit, Rochester, and Cleveland. Thanks....the adventure continues....