September 19, 2004

Augstock Music and Good Fun Fair in 2004 drew more than 50 people to a backyard in Toronto, Ontario. For four and a half hours, the site became a mini-nation in which minds were open, and love was "freedom". The music began Friday evening at 8:30pm September 18 and continued until early-morning Sunday September 19. The festival inspired a slew of local and state laws to ensure that nothing like it would ever happen again. The police appeared to shut the concert down at 12:30 AM.



Okay so I'm glorifying a great night. I'm allowed. Actually it was a birthday party (I am withholding his name.....i will refer to him as B). I was greeted at the front of the house by Toby the dog. When I got to the backyard I was surrounded by people and a huge space within very tall trees. There was a fire burning in the distance. Rumours were everywhere that Sh and An were going to be there. I would say there was between 50 and 75 people there. 1000 could have easily fit in this well layed out large backyard. I set up and did my soundcheck by letting my drum machine (my 67th best friend) play a light shuffle. I walked around and decided that the sound was working for me. I picked up the guitar and started improvising D minor riffs ala never ending then I went into Eric Clapton's Layla. I played a few tunes and I introduced myself to 4 very friendly Romanian people who were standing in front of me. They were Co, Li, Ca, Da (again I'm protecting identities here). They were the first to take me in. Na then started doing her dance. The catered affair was to my liking. I turn away for a second then An's voice startled me a little. They arrived. Sh and An look as great as usual. An is more tanned than normal. He denies any recent sun exposure. I was starting to question my judgement of not bringing another musician to make the sound fuller. I thought maybe I was over thinking since B (birthday boy) who hired me already knew what it was that I do. Al paid tribute to Bill ( full names please) with his tongue twisting spectacular bbb bb bb oral gymnastics (my microphone is currently not accepting anymore B's). Lots of dancing followed along with a trek or two to the fire burning brightly in the back. A human train was also led to the fire. I have 2 great pics of that (I had my camera in my pocket...handy for incoming trains). 


magic train-- 
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Another lingering highlight was when we played the CALL GAME. This is where a dance groove is playing and one person is centered out....who's next???? another name is called and then maybe a song with their name is chanted ar they are put in the middle of a circle. This works best for shy people. Watching them come out of their shell is fun. The star was definately SOL (I wish I could reveal real names). This guy looked embarassed when centered out but when he hit the dance area he showed off like a Jackson. This kind of selection process continues with the idea that everyone will eventually be called. The game ends when no one new is being called, or everyone has been called. Thanks B....Apparently I will be seeing them the first week of December at Spezzo in Richmond Hill........until then.....the adventure continues........P.S. the police did really shut me down at 12:30....anywhere else I would have been shut down at 11.....