After All These Years...

The older I get the more I realize how much the heart softens and looks back fondly on the friendships and opportunities that have been bestowed upon me throughout the years.  I am having fun putting this new website together because it allows me to reflect on the past with less judgement and more embrace.  I will be putting up blog posts from the past and mix them in with the present and future.  

I am thankful for all the people who stepped in and out and still remain in my life.  I presently live in Oshawa with my beautiful Lilly and our child Carmen. Carmen is an aging hound dog who needs more attention these days.  We happily provide it.

As I put together this website the main focus is on getting new gigs, mostly in pubs and at corporate functions. The landscape always changes and it's always good to get to play new rooms which leads to new friends and new demands.  Entertaining an audience never gets old for me because it's always a new opportunity, a brand new puzzle to figure out how to make the people feel good.  The repertoire and my talent remains secondary to the audience.  This has always been my perspective.  

Best of everything to all who read this.  Health is number one so I wish you GOOD HEALTH.