Shaking Hands With Lloyd

Well, in 2017 it's still true in the pub world.  Once everyone agrees to a RULE it must be true and if it can be fun it becomes reality.  Cheers!



September 24, 2004

There are 4 separate drinking areas at Aw Shucks in Aurora. You have the lovely dining area in the back, the spacious patio which faces the parking lot and is well hidden, the bar area where many congregate, and finally you have the entertainment room. Last night you couldn't step into this room without shaking hands with Lloyd. That became the rule. This became a lot of fun. I think at least ten people had shaken hands with Lloyd. Lloyd was there with Neil (with proceding hairline "I'm jealous") , Leah (Neil's girlfriend....Lloyd's daughter)....and her mother Shirley. I found out early that they lived for some time in Larder Lake, 20 minutes north of Kirkland Lake. They were great fun. It was hilarious when Dickie (actually his real name is Michael) was the one encouraging everyone to shake hands with Lloyd. Lloyd became a superstar. I sat with the four good people on my breaks. It was great to be back at Aw Shucks again. I'll be back there soon.....and the adventure continues......