End Of A Blue Moose Era

I miss playing at The Blue Moose in Sutton.  It was a little far from where I was living back in 2004, but always worth the trip.  Scott Richards used to show up and play bass with me every now and then. He was a great man and is fondly remembered.  Below is a blog post from back then.


September 11, 2004

I got to Sutton at around 8:10....I saw Donna, then she told me the news.They are selling the place. I wish Suzanne, Donna, Pat and Scott a great future. They have always treated me like gold. Thank you. I had a great night. It started off slow but gained momentum as the night progressed. Buck was there with his brand new hair and Andre showed up as well. Lori's birthday was part of the celebration. I must admit that the theme of the night otherwise revolved around ZEPHYR (45 minutes north east of Toronto). I think I sang at least 3 songs about Mike (apparently he's a great mechanic as well as being the king of ZEPHYR). I suppose that would make Leanne the queen. I am sure anyone reading this must think that I've lost my focus. You are correct. Sonya was sweet (looks great and I still don't believe you have 3 kids). Her husband Jason was great except he kept on swearing at me. It was very motivational. I will consult a therapist soon. Jeff played a few tunes. Chris the cook/songwriter/nice guy sang some great blues with his harmonica buddy (I'm sorry I don't remember his name). JD and Barb showed up and just as they were about to leave, here come Paul and Fran. They just got back from Europe. Spain no less. Fran spent some time in England but they went there to attend a wedding. I just found out that Paul's handicap is 3 (at his very best). I wish someone could describe that famous patio night when i placed the guitar on Paul's lap and I played the left hand . Paul started strumming and he sang with the passion of a man half his age. I believe that was the night he became a Sutton sex symbol. There was lots of dancing with Deborah, Suzanne, and Paul leading the way. The funniest part of the evening was near night's end when those 2 young girls came in. I found out they were from Zephyr. It was at that moment I realized that the universe is truly connected. Mesopotamia is overrated. The night ended with a little trek to the street with Paul and Lori part of a human train. Click! I took the picture....

Paul & Lori leading the Human Train

Paul leading human train2.. 
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(by the way Sept. 18 is Sean's birthday party at the Blue Moose....someone tell him that sister Rosie's okay)....and so the adventure continues..... 

P.S. a thought of respect to the 9/11 victims