Aug The Blog Hits Boston Hard

A Few things here. My niece Ava was born in July/2004 and she is doing great.  She is an amazing dancer and artist. Our entire family is so proud of her.  Also, I remember that at the time I had never watched Canadian or American Idol because I was too busy always the adventure continues...hope you like this old blog.  Cheers!

Friday, September 03, 2004


Aug The Blog Hits Boston Hard


Hi Folks, 

This is my first gig posting. Last night I had a great night at Boston Pizza in Burlington. From that 7 yr. old kid playing air guitar to Donna the owner honing her skills as a party animal a good time was had by all. I am sure that Phil and Cal (from across the street) will be rock stars one day. Thanks for coming up guys. The four polite elderly people stayed for the first set but had to leave to check out Canadian Idol. Don't they know that I am the Canadian Idol. The group from Maple Leaf Foods were a party. I found out at the end of the night that it wasn't Ron's birthday after all. It was a good reason to party though. The Sambuca shots were still being consumed by Carlos at record pace. Rosemary and Ron are definitely in love. Hey Jeff eveyone thinks you look like Paul Newman. It's time to come clean. After Jeff asked if I knew "Leave Your Hat On" for the 7th time the heaters on the patio kicked in and I had no choice but to break into the Greek song to distract him. By the way, who was that young girl with the yellow dress on who snuck up and sang solo. Wow! She was great. I have photos of most of this. My digital is never too far away. By the way, did I mention Ava? She's my new niece! Parents Ernie and Joan know how to make beautiful babies that's for sure. 

Aug The Blog....the adventure continues......